Farnham Palace
Our love is plastic, and they break it to bits
Artist: UnknownChildish Gambino
Title: UnknownTelegraph Ave ("Oakland by Lloyd")
Album: UnknownBecause The Internet
Plays: 1,000


The fact that baby butler will be in my city 2 weekends in a row makes me cry a little.

I thought I was getting chocolate for easter

But it was just a reflektor
Happy Easter guys

my new favorite movie 

Happy Record Store Day everyone, I am getting Death Grips on vinyl because I am pretentious

  • Interviewer:
    What is next for you?
  • What can be bigger than... (headlining coachella)
  • Jeremy:
  • Richard:
    Robbing banks
  • Jeremy:
    We're already robbing banks technically
  • Richard:
    We're metaphorically robbing banks
  • yipdeceiver:


Pharrell, Daft Punk, Kanye

pharell looks like a smug undercover lizard that knows too much

well that’s the best news i’ve gotten all day

In honor of the two conflicting holidays